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Electro Carbon

Clean technology to meet today's challenges

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Our mission

Founded in 2019, Electro Carbon's mission is to convert carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases, into a value-added green chemicals and thus contribute significantly to the fight against climate change.


We aim to become a leader in the active use and conversion of CO2 as a raw material through an innovative, clean electrochemical process that drives economic growth. We demonstrate the economic viability of such process.

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Our Technology

We are developing an innovative CO2 to specialty green chemicals technology: a CO2 electrolyser.


This technology is part of a carbon neutral cycle, even a circular economy, where CO2 from industrial sources is captured and then converted into formate salts or formic acid which can be sold on the market, transformed into high demand products such as formaldehyde or methanol, or even used in promising new applications such as direct formic acid fuel cells.


1L of liquid formic acid, at room temperature and pressure, contains the equivalent of 590L of hydrogen, which can help solve the problems of hydrogen storage in traditional fuel cells, and particularly in automotive applications.

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Did you know ?


Formate salts are used worldwide in airport to de-ice landing strips. They cause no environmental impact and no corrosion. In Canada, all airports need to be carbon neutral by 2030. An objective aligned with carbon neutrality for the country's economy.


Formic acid takes its name from ants, which naturally produce it and defend themselves from their predators thanks to it.


Today formic acid is widely used as a preservative in livestock feed as well as in the textile, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Tomorrow, formic acid could revolutionize our transportation sector.

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Our team

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Martin Larocque

Martin Larocque spent the past 20 years creating and growing companies with the goal in mind to have a positive impact on society. As a passionate and results-driven entrepreneur, Martin has a desire to propel the green energy transition, by recognizing the potential of innovations applied in a business environment. 

With experience in corporate organizations combined with proven startup business expertise, Martin is prepared for the challenges of fast-moving markets. As a key executive, his contribution is centered in areas such as recognizing the innovation’s potential, positioning the solution in its industry, developing and managing the execution of R&D projects, the establishment of a commercial/sales strategy (based on a value proposition), along with the financial growth of the organization, all with a specific focus on results.

Ulrich Legrand, PhD

Ulrich Legrand has a PhD in chemical engineering from McGill University. Passionate about science and technology,

and sensitive to environmental causes, he decided to put his skills at the service of the fight against global warming. He has developed expertise in the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials as well as a solid experience in catalysts for CO2 conversion.

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David Marotte

David is an investor and entrepreneur who has built a company as CEO from the ground up to 600 professionals in the Information Technology and Cloud space. He is also an active and well-respected coach at l'Ecole d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce bringing complementary knowledge and expertise at Electro Carbon's executive level. 

His experience in scaling technology companies and his impressive ecosystem across industries will benefit Electro Carbon.

Our partners

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